Dustystaytrue and Toosii Team Up for “Reflections” In New Visual

Since stepping into the spotlight with his debut album True To Me, Dustystaytrue has made an impact on the music industry. In fact, the The Connecticut native transformed his life through music, which he utilizes as a kind of rehabilitation. Not only for him, but for his listeners as well. Fans can hear about his ups and downs firsthand on his debut album to have a sneak park into his discography and artistry. 

His music moves the masses with each of his raved relatable records. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, Dusty delivered again on his follow up album, Talk More Soon! With that being said, he would introduce the young artist’s brutally honest hits of tumultuous love, long yet lavish nights and bad days to a national audience.

The Rapid Rise of Dustystaytrue

Throughout his trailblazing career as a rising rhymer, Dustystaytrue is seeking his own legacy through his lyricism. Although as a musician, he is well-liked by fans of many genres, reviewers prefer to categorize his work as R&B or Hip-Hop. Dusty, on the other hand, wants fans to sit back and understand that there is more to the artist than what the eye sees and the ears hear in his latest work.

Overall, the South Coast Music Group signee — which is home to DaBaby, Toosii, Blacc Zacc and TiaCorine — is quickly becoming fans’ favorite rapper on the scene. The trendy talent teamed up with label mate Toosii for his trendy track titled, “Reflections”. Their fire feature is currently circulating as his top hit as the two serenade their soulmates seductively through their lyricism. In addition to being one of his most attention-grabbing tunes. It shares the same addictive quality that’s throughout Dustystaytrue’s music: hypnotizing hooks and infectious production that underscore Dusty’s unhurried, nonchalant vocals. When speaking on his  new sizzling single, Dustystaytrue does just that and goes on to say:

“My music is a reflection of my reality and real life experience, what I say and speak I’ve witnessed and gone thru.. through everything I STAY TRUE to myself”

Accompanying the astounding audio from SCMG’s signees Dustystaytrue and Toosii, their latest offering arrives with a vivid visual. Bringing the raved record to life backed by an official 12-directed music video that favors both artists and their artistic abilities. Shot by Charlotte creative, 12, the visual brings that nostalgic vibe while blending in a modern day feel. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Press play on the new visual here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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