Dubwork Lays Down Bars On “Dime K.L.K”

Dubwork is a hidden gem in the NYC market. The Harlem, New Jersey native hip-hop artist has been making moves to get his career moving in the right direction. His smooth and flawless hybrid of wordplay and delivery leave his fans in awe and constantly draws the attention of anyone who listens to his music. 

He recently dropped “Dime K.L.K,” and it is full of bars that speak of Dubwork’s past experiences. His smooth flow grabs your attention as the words glide across the beat. It is truly some of his best work to date. The infectious production and seamless wordplay makes for an impressive track. Music is the universal language. The NYC musician knows how to talk to everyone with his tunes. More work like “Dime K.L.L” is sure to take Dubwork to another level soon. His fans are looking to him to be the new voice of Harlem.

Dime K.L.K” has set the bar high for what is to be expected from Dubwork in the future. Look for him to reach that bar and then some with his next project that is on the way. Be sure to follow him on social media here. Lastly, stream the young king’s new music on Spotify below!

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