Drozdov is a musician who was able to create a unique hip-hop sound and conquered millions

Hip-hop is considered one of the most widespread in the world today. The genre originated on the outskirts of the Bronx, but hip-hop now has millions of fans around the world. Hip-hop develops, changes and acquires new shades. And despite all the variety of genres in music, it is hip-hop that remains the most suitable for telling a story.

Today, young performers have a huge number of opportunities and ways to demonstrate their talents to the world. But in order to win popularity and love of the public, it is not enough to be a talented performer. It is necessary to stand out from the crowd and bring something unique to the developed musical world. It was that young musician Drozdov who attracted the attention of the public.

A promising musician appeared on the world music scene relatively recently, but he immediately challenged with his exciting unusual sound, combining all the shades of hip-hop. A talented and successful artist, he easily broke the canons of traditional hip-hop sound.

The talented thirty-year-old Vladimir Drozdov was born in Ukraine, but has been successfully working in California for many years. In America, his name Drozdovtatu is known to everyone. He is known as a successful and creative tattoo artist.

Despite the fact that the young artist is already well-known in the field of contemporary art and architecture, he does not stop there and successfully conquers the music industry.

Drozdov lives by his hobbies – art, tattoos, architecture, and now also music. As soon as the musician got on the world stage, he immediately made it clear that he was claiming the first roles. His first tracks “Sps” and “Run” conquered hip-hop fans, and the number of fans is increasing every day.

One of the first projects, “ЯD”, Drozdov recorded with his team in California and Asia on the island. This composition has become a new modern embodiment of hip hop style. An unusual combination of subgenres left no one indifferent. For people familiar with Drozdov’s work, this is not just music, it is a vibe that shows life as it is.

With his unique music, written about life without embellishment, about the difficult path of development and self-knowledge, Drozdov attracted the attention of colleagues and immediately received an offer to work with another musician.

Drozdov’s talent and his unusual vision of the world are noted by many well-known media, and friends and acquaintances characterize him as a person who burns with inspiration and the desire to live and create.

Vladimir Drozdov is a unique person, he was able to prove himself in art, architecture, and now in music. He approaches any business with full dedication and always succeeds. The musician does not think about plans for the future, he lives for today and changes the world with his work. His music, his art objects, his works reflect his life. His ideas and creativity are full of novelty and amazing combinations, and win the hearts of people.

For Vladimir Drozdov, music is another step towards becoming himself, another way of self-expression. The musician is sure that he will not stop there and will go forward for all the awards in the world.

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