DRAMA by Young Cardi Is Dropping June 17th

I have to ask you, have you ever heard of Young Cardi?  Born Leonardo Schlereth, This young man is truly making waves in his hometown. 

If you’re a fan of authentic hip hop, you may have heard about this young rapper from Monaco. 

With over 5 million streams across all platforms, Young Cardi is the first and only rapper born and raised in Monaco who’s leaving ripples in the music scene. 

Cardi started professional music when he was 16 years. But that doesn’t mean he started music at that age. Cardi has always had a passion for music. He would take time out of his day to both listen to, and make his own music. 

Young Cardi’s love for music manifested into a dream of becoming a recording artist, which he professionally began to pursue at 16. He drew millions of music lovers with his Hip-hop style blended with pop and a touch of R&B. This artist crafts lyrics in a foreign tongue that wows native speakers.

Cardi is dropping his next single and music video on June 17th. “Drama” will be his biggest record to date.

When asked about his biggest influence, Cardi states that his biggest influence is himself. He has always wanted to make a career out of music, and now, it suffices to say that Cardi is well on his way to becoming one of the best musicians of our time. 

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