Drake Paying Tribute to Virgil Abloh With New Tattoo

As one of the world’s most influential recording artists.

Drake makes waves whenever he does something new, not just putting out new music. Recently, he has been making headlines with his new tattoo, paying tribute to Virgil Abloh. The celebrated fashion designer was remarkably influential in the world of contemporary fashion. He collaborated with world-class brands like Louis Vuitton, as well as starting his own fashion house, Off-White.

The design passed away in 2021 due to cancer. His funeral was attended by notable artists, such as Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, Rihanna, Tyler the Creator, and Drake himself. The latter even went a step further after getting inked to pay tribute to his long-time friend. Made by artist Joaquin Ganga of Ganga Tattoo Studio. The tattoo features art based on a very famous photograph of Virgil. Seen throwing a paper kite down the runway of a fashion show in 2020.

The highlights from the iconic photo were turned beautifully into a micro realism piece. Embracing Ganga’s unique approach to creating detailed tattoo work. The piece solidifies Drake’s bond with Abloh and his acknowledgment of how important he was to his career.

Overall its clear to see that Drake is truly hurting after losing his close friend.

credit: laserlife

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