Dr. Trevor Thomas is Keeping Us Smiling

Dr. Trevor Thomas is a compassionate, caring dentist who aims to achieve your oral health goals for both functional and esthetic purposes. Brace yourself for the dentist who puts his heart into your health! Located in California, Dr. Thomas has opened his own office called Corona Hills Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. This professional cosmetic dentist has worked in changing the reputation dentists have by striving to put his work, his family, and his faith first.

Dr. Trevor Thomas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.trevthomas/

At the age of 30, Dr. Trevor Thomas has had the ability to work on many celebrity patients and provided them with satisfying smiles. Moreover, he has worked on numerous A-class personalities that are from the arts and entertainment industry. Although he comes face to mouth with a lot of big names, he does not consider himself as a “Celebrity Dentist”. He focuses more on his goal of creating the smile they want. Furthermore, without forgetting the passion and drive, he has for helping. Dr. Thomas says that the celebrities that come into his office do not stop him from remembering his “true passion for the profession,” and he believes that “Makeover dreams are achievable.”

For every celebrity he works with, he offers to partner with them to give away a completely free smile makeover. His office donates at least half a million dollars annually on free or discounted dentistry. 

As a hardworking father, #DrDad takes the time to hear the stories of his patients. He knows not every story started with a smile. Furthermore, he is motivated because he can make people feel proud of their smiles after a few sessions. Also, he has learned that nothing is impossible. His mission is to serve God through service to others, and he aims to keep people happy and smiling. 

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