Dontae Adisa drops off vivacious new single

Los Angeles’ own Dontae Adisa came through with “Diddy Bop” this weekend. It’s the type of track you can quite literally hear colors. Surely it’s amazing seeing an artist mold themselves so well to a particular sound, but it’s even more amazing once you learn that Adisa wrote and produced the entire song, alongside two members of his camp.

“Money in my pockets without selling my soul” he opens the song emphatically, a clear point of pride. Up and comers see artists selling out for clout, so standing on one’s independence and still racking up bands is cause for celebration. He’s on high alert, questioning the realness of a woman’s love throughout the song. Through it all, he acknowledges it’s hard to leave her alone because she has a hold on him.

The storytelling here is heightened by wordplay, imagery, and clever references to Akon, the milly rock, and of course Diddy‘s iconic dance. The love he feels is euphoric but simultaneously confusing and cause for concern. It’s never fun if it’s easy though, huh?

This comes along with the release of single “Fool’s Gold,” all building toward his inevitable four-part project. The 20-year-old captures his struggles, emotions, and experiences all while mastering production and audio engineering. It’s possible this kid can blow. Tap into “Diddy Bop” above.

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