Don Q Is Back And Better Than ever

Don Q is no stranger to fans of good music. He’s been around for years and often has been overlooked in my opinion. His punchlines hit hard and musical content explores many sides of the streets. The Bronx-born and raised Don Q came up with the early inspirations of NYC’s rawest rhymers like Jadakiss, Cassidy, Fabolous and Jay-Z.

After cutting his teeth in the battle rap scene, he made waves in the streets with his mixtapes; eventually landing him a deal with Highbridge The Label in 2016. After teaming with Highbridge associate, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, on the popular Highbridge: The Takeover mixtape, the pair’s careers took off overnight, as Don Q caught the attention of a national audience with his highly-regarded Funk Flex freestyle.

After that, Don Q came out with multiple project and secured respect worldwide for his talents. With years away, some might of forgot how talented of an emcee he is. So Don Q is easily an artist that deserves more spotlight; thus we had the privilege of catching up with him over the past month.

With the release of ‘Double Or Nothing,’ his first project after a three year hiatus, Don reestablishes himself as a tip top lyricist.

However with time came maturity which is something Q made keen during our conversation.

I had to get my mental right and make sure that I was good to make music again. Those three years taught me a lot about myself. Also hearing new sounds in music and adjusting my sound to it has been a great experience.

Don Q on his HIATUS.

Embracing manhood and intretigrating himself to the new era of hip hop was the name of the game with his latest mixtape. Drawing inspiration from the timeless swagger of classic mob films and cinematic rap epics, ‘Double Or Nothing’ has the feel of New York from all eras.

Q has not only embraced the different eras but found ways to incorporate the best of each one.

One example was the inclusion of fellow Bronx artist and rising star B-Lovee. The single “Come Find Us,” which feature B has Don tapping into New York drill, something i never expected but something that was needed. He didn’t compromise his sound to fit in with B-Lovee’s drill sound, Don just went with it. Q didn’t sound like an older artist losing himself to garner new fans at all and I loved it.

The collaboration with B Lovee was dope. He a young kid from my borough making noise so I had to do my part and help continue to put him on. He’s a talented artist and working with him showed me a lot about drill. While that’s not the era of New York music I came from, it’s still it’s unique form of music and I enjoy it. I’m not an bitter old headed, I’m a veteran who embraces change because that what makes hip hop so dope. Every generation has it’s own feel and that gives it it’s own voice.

Don Q on working with B Lovee and EMBRACING the new generation.

Full of punchlines and diverse content, ‘Double Or Nothing’ is a perfect reintroduction for Q to a new generation while showcasing that he still has the “classic” hip hop talent. The older generation better not complain, Don procured an album for them and the youth. A voice of the streets defines Don Q and ‘Double Or Nothing’ deserves more than a few plays on your favorite DSP. Q alluded to more music and project dropping the future so we’re excited to hear what he has next.

After three years, Don Q is back and in in tip top form!

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