Don Julio Mani and Bdagoat put on a “Demonstration” in new visual

Plain and simple, Don Julio Mani and Bdagoat are not shy about their status or the things they possess. DMV’s Don Julio is the plug for whatever you need, evident in the various medications he possessed. They are prepared to defend themselves if things get hectic. And they do not move alone.

“Demonstration” is just that. It’s less of a warning shot and more of a straight-to-the-point lecture. They’ve got their hand in a number of different activities. Confident as it is, their demeanors are laid back. It isn’t aggressive, but there is still a menacing feel to the two minute, 14-second visual. The clouds of smoke make it even more mysterious.

The all-black attire combined with low tempo hi-hats makes this far from anything fun or humorous. The two surely hold their weight up lyrically, and concisely at that. Take them for a joke at one’s own risk, but they let the people know all they needed to.

For Julio, this is yet another visual from the hard working lyricist out of DC. “Sucka Shty,” “Mob Freestyle” and “Lasers” continue to rack up numbers, and I’m sure there’s only more to come.

Tap into the “Demonstration” video. DMV dudes ain’t nothing to mess with.

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