DJK Delivers “No Pretend”

The south is known for breeding some of the hottest talent. With that being said, Texas-bred talent, DJK is continuing his journey to the top of the industry with the release of his newest single, “No Pretend”. In doing so, this indie artist along with his manager, Moma Scott, continue to bring back to back bangers!

Over the years, DJK has dropped off several albums since the release of his 2013 debut mixtape, DJK Is the Future, in January. The rise of this rhymer began in 2007 when he would record himself rhyming over musical beats only using a tape recorder. Fast forward to when he was eighteen, he began to make progress with his self-produced music. As a result, DJK founded his current independent label, FAST ENTERTAINMENT, with his brothers and mother in November of 2017. At a young age, DJK discovered music as an outlet. It sparked the desire to turn his passion for the industry into a career. With his family by his side, his ambitions and the encouragement of his listeners keep him going. 

Ambitions of inspiring the next generation of artists and leaving his mark on the music world and culture help to paint a picture of the career DJK is striving for. DJK is only getting started, so don’t miss out on the journey! To stay up to date with recent releases and more from this trendy talent, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, press play on the visuals for “No Pretend” and let us know what you think!



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