DJ Spinderella Unveils She Was Terminated From Salt-N-Pepa Via Email Months Ago

Yikes! Looks like the trio of over three decades has just went there separate ways turning into a duo and solo act. Salt ‘N’ Pepa are apparently done working with DJ Spinderella and have fired her from the group.

Spin took to Instagram to air out what’s been going on behind the scenes between the three female hip-hop legends and isn’t pretty. Spin spilled all the tea, letting fans know that she will now be participating in an upcoming New Kids On The Block tour featuring the legendary queens group, despite how it’s being portrayed.

She says she was fired back in January in form of a termination notice via email but wasn’t given a reason as to why they would do something like that. It seems as though the once renowned Hip-Hop trio has seemingly made the decision to downsize to becoming an official duo. Spinderella has already been seen doing her own thing when spotted on tv shows like VH1’s Hip Hop Squares, but fans just thought it was a side hustle and opportunity not that there was any bad blood.

Just a day before the NKOTB Mixtape tour kicks off on Saturday in Cleveland, Spin took it upon herself to update the public by posting the photo and caption below.

Although, Spinderella, has a lot to say, neither Salt, nor Pepa, have addressed why Spin is no longer a part of their lineup. They’ve just been carrying on unphased and unbothered, doing press for their reality show “Ladies Night” without her. After 33 years of friendship, accomplishments, and more, one can only wonder what could’ve happened for them to make this kind of decision. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated as the story develops!

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