DJ Primetime Shares New Single “Ride With Me”

DJ Primetime is on his grind, with the release of his latest single, “Ride Wit Me,” featuring 1TakeJay and Dai Dmb. Furthermore, on the fun new track, he takes his audience back to the 2000s by reworking Nelly’s classic song “Ride Wit Me” from the early 2000s. 

DJ Primetime enlists the help of 1TakeJay and Dai Dmb in his latest track, “Ride Wit Me,” a sample of Nelly’s classic hit single “Ride Wit Me,” featuring City Spud from Nelly’s rap group St. Lunatics. DJ Primetime brings this classic to life, making it into a hit song for an entirely new generation and allowing a whole new fan base to appreciate this classic song. 

Primetime got his incentive for the remix from the original track beautiful guitar strums, making that the focal point of the track, and centering 1TakeJay and Dai Dmb, a perfect duo, on the song. He creates a mesmerizing vibe that can change anyone’s mood into a happy, fun, and care-free one. As Primetime says, that is the purpose of the song, invoking that “fun, care-free energy, on some Bonnie and Clyde, summertime partying” type of feel. The trio creates one hell of an anthem, as his single is sure to get anyone moving and grooving along with the track. 

DJ Primetime Knows How To Party

He hasn’t failed us yet, as he is the king of remixing and resounding nostalgic records into bonafide party hits! Earlier this year, Primetime also sampled Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” with his own version called “How We Do It,” which features BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon — again proving how he’s able to remix a nostalgic track into a dope party anthem. 

Not to mention his aptitude for producing anthems like his track, “Tear It Up,” featuring Vinny West and Famous Uno, released in 2016, grew to receive much attention after going viral, it was evident DJ Primetime was an artist to keep an eye on, as he accomplished so much in the last five years, that we can not wait to see what the artist has in store for us next.

Be on the lookout. Moreover, DJ Primetime is gearing up to release a new single in October, starring Chris O’bannon, Kalan.frfr, & Sada Baby. Primetime is also preparing to release his project, My Life Is A Movie

So make sure to tap in with Primetime on Instagram @_djprimetime to see when any new releases are coming your way. 

Meanwhile, be sure to listen to DJ Primetime’s latest song,” Ride Wit Me,” featuring 1TakeJay and Dai Dmb, below! 

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