DJ Preme: Impacting the World With His Career

To be great is to be noticed and respected. DJ Preme has built an empire of knowledge and connections in the music industry. World travel has been a fruit of his labor as well as his thirst for gaining respect as a DJ. From humble beginnings as a hype man, DJ Preme’s passion and hunger for his craft have inspired up-and-coming DJs and music enthusiasts to break the barriers of expectation. As a persistent presence in the game, he has tasted what dreams are made of and sat at the table with the elites of music. From Diddy to Floyd Mayweather, this self-taught DJ took a chance and stepped up in a crucial moment not fearing the outcome. Magic was made and DJ Preme is now the epitome of what success looks like. Both by his accomplishments and shattering the status quo. For the DJ Preme experience, his mixes are available to stream on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify. For more information on DJ Preme, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @imadjpreme and email for any booking inquiries.

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