DJ Mario Guerra: Exploring International Hip-Hop Styles for a Unique 2023 Repertoire

DJ Mario Guerra expanded his musical repertoire by exploring hip-hop styles and beats across four European countries, namely Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, in preparation for his upcoming 2023 productions. His creativity flourished in the virtual realm, where he infused Bahia street aesthetics into his music, captivating legions of fans on social media with his direct and effective communication style.

His music is characterized by romanticism, distinctive flow, and harmonic bases, with influences from Brazilian black music such as Raul Seixas’ groove. The North American trap beat and São Paulo funk’s sung melody create a unique mix of electronic timbres that stand out in his songs.

DJ and entrepreneur Mario Guerra started his musical journey in 2016, after immersing himself in the trap and hip-hop music scenes across Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, and Chile. In Brazil, he cemented his reputation as one of the leading trap artists, earning the title of DJ Revelation in 2022, and becoming a resident DJ at the Santo Cupido club.

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