DJ Khaled and Drake Are Back At It With “Popstar’ and “Greece.”

DJ Khaled enlists the help of longtime collaborator, Drake, on his latest singles “Popstar” and “Greece.” Since 2011, the duo has created a string of hits from “I’m On One” to “For Free” and in 2020, the chart-toppers seem to keep coming. The two singles are like night and day and showcase Drake’s Jekyll and Hyde persona often present in his music.

In “Popstar,” the rapper gets gritty and arrogant with tough-talking lyrics like; “I’m a popstar but it shit ain’t bubblegum.” The track is big room anthem that’s definitely going to be a club staple once they eventually open back up in 2021.

“Greece” is where Drake brings out his more vocal side. On the track, he sings about flying out a lucky woman and spoiling her with designer clothes and lavish trips to countries like Greece.

Both singles are in anticipation for DJ Khaled’s 12th-Studio album set to release later this year.

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