DJ Kevin Crown Continues Killing The Clubs

Allow me to introduce to you, professional DJ and CEO of King Crown sound system and disc jockeys, Kevin KingDJ Kevin Crown! Also known as the “Natural Club Killa”, is well known to the masses from fans to successors. 

This Brooklyn-bred talent is well-known for his dexterity as well as his unrivaled expertise on the turntables. Keeping fans on their toes, Kevin continues to showcase his unparalleled energy on stage, as well as his unmatched, one-of-a-kind, and authentic skills. 

The Beginning Of Kevin King and All Things Music

At the tender age of twelve, Kevin found his passion and began honing his deejaying skills. While growing up in a rough neighborhood, Kev’s parents were adamant of keeping him out of the streets and focusing on his future. As a result, this prompted Kevin to experiment with his father’s home deejaying setup. In fact, he is also a trained electrician in addition to being a professional DJ. The Jack of all trades has completed an apprenticeship, has a college degree, and is a member of a local electricians’ union. Aside from being a DJ, Kevin has worked as an electrician for many years to fund his passion. 

There was a time in his life, however, when he had to choose between his music and his trade as an electrician. Working as an electrician in construction was far too inconsistent for Kevin. He would work for six months and then take a five or four month break. But he was always deejaying, whether in the rain or in the sun, week after week. Kevin quickly realized that deejaying was far more consistent than his day job as an electrician.

After a long weekend of DJing in Cancun, Mexico, for over 7,000 people, Kevin experienced an inspiring event. The following morning, while he was driving to work, he dozed off and crashed into the rear of someone else’s car. Despite the fact that neither his nor the other person’s vehicle sustained any significant damage, nor were there any injuries, he had the temptation to phone his employer and request an indefinite leave of absence. That was a month after the birth of Kevin’s daughter. He never again returned to his construction job. Kevin claims that he is happier and more financially secure now than he was when he was an employee.

Next, Kevin Crown’s deejaying career was tested in 2010 when he was stabbed in the left arm, resulting in a severed radial nerve. Kevin was unable to work for nearly a year as a result of this. He had to deejay with only one hand during this time. Kevin regards hard work as a virtue, and he credits his parents with consistently grooming him to value and respect the dignity of labor. His greatest achievement has been his ability to remain relevant and active for an extended period of time.

Introducing The Kevin Crown Morning Show

During the pandemic, Kevin established an online presence that was extremely important to a large number of people. He launched the “Kevin Crown Morning Show,” which aired from Monday to Friday (9 am-12 noon). It began on Instagram, then moved to Facebook, then YouTube, and finally Twitch, where he amassed a sizable international following. During the quarantine, these shows were extremely beneficial to many people. Kevin enjoys fitness and sports in addition to music. He holds a fourth-degree black belt in Taekwondo. Kevin Crown is back on stage and on the road. He aspires to produce his own music, work on more collaborations, and simply seize more commercial opportunities.

For now, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for what’s next for King Crown! 



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