DizzyEight Proves He’s Here To Stay With 2022 Discography

Celebrated rapper and recording artist DizzyEight has taken the industry by storm with a slew of new releases in 2022. His keen ability in selecting dynamic sounds and refreshing flows has quickly made him a favourite in the Christian and nerd rap communities. In his latest single, “Lost Control”, DizzyEight displays his skill as a writer and collaborator, putting his best foot forward with his associates Fabvl & Mix Williams.

A dedicated writer, DizzyEight has always had his eyes set on prosperity in the entertainment business. Adopting his PlayStation tag as a stage name in true gamer fashion, he began releasing music in 2012 with his first official mixtape, “Motive”. Since its release, DizzyEight has grown his name as a rapper and creator within niche subgenre communities like Christian rap and nerdcore. He’s well experienced and has collaborated with artists across genres, from EDM stars like CryJaxx to South Florida game-changer Smokepurpp. On April 30th, DizzyEight released his latest single “Lost Control” featuring Fabvl & Mix Williams. He plans on following “Lost Control” up with a 4 track EP for the summer of 2022. With a packed release schedule to come, DizzyEight is not slowing up any time soon.

Listen to DizzyEight on Spotify below and follow him on Instagram today!

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