Discover Upstate, New York’s Own DJLeach & King Lo”Bouta Get Lit” (New Single)

DJLeach has been on the rise of stardom for sometime, after building up 17K organic subscribers on YouTube; after the major success and feedback received by his fans for his breakthrough single “420” anthem, which received over 5 million total streams/plays across all platforms. 

DJLeach took a short break from being in the public’s eye due to lack of shows in his community because of the Covid pandemic and he was working on a debut album that got lost on a broken hard-drive, but he still managed to drop a few singles titled “My Year” and “Checklist”. 

At this point in DJL’s career, he is back ready to drop back to back monthly content as his independent checklisted, binder full of game plans is schedule to release a single a monthly instead of doing a debut project, as he will be able to build momentum after each single he drops on his official YouTube channel with almost 20k subscribers. 

Be ready for the drop on “Bouta Get Lit”

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