Discover Jake Strain x YungSaySo (NEW SINGLE) “Never Graduated”

Photo Credit: Mark Tatlock (Music Video: Do Em' Dirty)

Jake spoke about this on social media multiple times and how this was a song that meant a lot to him since most people in his local community hadn’t shown much support in the beginning but after being successful in the music industry almost 5 years later he still shows no signs of slowing down. Jake Strain’s sound is a blend between real life music, trap, drill, and boom-bap. He just uploaded “Never Graduated” which is a throw-away record for SoundCloud leading up to his official music video to “Do Em’ Dirty” coming soon!

Neither one of these artists have never seen a high-school diploma, wore a cap or gown or walked across a graduation stage. Jake expresses his quote un quote “humbleness” on this record explaining his story of how he never graduated but he feels as if he made it, when there was a comment on a viral post on Reddit, which read

“Went to school with these guys and grow up in the area, recently got Facebook invite to like their record labels page. I had always thought the guy on the left didn’t finish school to pursue his music career, didn’t really have high hopes though since I remember some of the lyrics were about putting the principal in a coffin. I haven’t listened to what he has put out in years but seeing the positive feedback here gives me a bit of hope he’s actually doing alright.

MyPalross (reddit user)

YungSaySo (Cameron Carson) is an artist taking over on SoundCloud era, the young artist has got himself featured on a record with one of the biggest 518 artists in the game. 

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