“Difference” is the Latest Hit Song From Rapper Dre Mckfly

Located in Atlanta, Georgia is rising rapper Dre Mckfly who is determined to leave a mark on the world of music before it is all said and done. He has been involved in music for as long as he can remember and has always known that he was meant to be an artist. With his sights set high and his head on straight, Dre Mckfly is ready to make his biggest push yet as he prepares for new music on the way.

With anticipation building, Dre Mckfly has blessed his fans with his latest release of his new song “Difference.” This unique song has a one-of-a-kind rhyme scheme and beat pattern that Dre Mckfly is beginning to master. As he speaks on his life experiences and how he is different now that he is in the game, his fans get an inside look at what it is like to live the life of this young star.

There is a lot in store from Dre Mckfly and it is going to be exciting to see him flourish as an artist. Be sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss out on any of his releases in the future.

Stream Dre Mckfly’s “Difference” on Spotify here.

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