Dez Hall Shares Debut EP “Big Rich”

Dez Hall is putting on for his city. There’s only been a handful of artists who have been able to cohesively center their sound and identity within the early stages of their careers. Especially with-in the Hip-Hop circuit. But today, we present a perfect example of such. A Brooklyn-native by the name of Dez Hall. From his songwriting to delivery, Dez continues to impress listeners, and perfectly showcases his versatility with each release.

After rolling-out three singles to build momentum towards it’s release, the rising rapper finally delivers his much anticipated EP as his latest release titled “Big Rich.” “Thinking Bout You,” Up Next,” and “Money Up” set the tone for what fans could expect on the 6-track effort. And the New York-native did not disappoint. The entire project is audio dope. What’s even more impressive is, Dez calls for no features, leaving all the time for him to display his talents.

Although Dez is from Brooklyn, he moved to Atlanta with his family, which explains his perfect blend, yet contrast of the two major Cities in his music. Both are considered two of the top music markets in Hip-Hop, so it certainly is a recipe for success, and Dez is here to use it to his full advantage. Continuing to establish his lane, Dez recently made a major business move, partnering with Jovah Kayne. Jovah is a respected peer in the music industry, and the two decided to form ‘RichLyfe Music Group.’

It’s only up for her for Dez Hall, so stay tuned for all that he has in store. For now, check out “Big Rich” on your DSP of choice and follow him on Instagram for all updates: @dezhallofficial.

Check it out here today!

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