Devin Tracy links up with 92 Colby for epic remix

Back in January 2018, Devin Tracy joined J. Robb for soulful cut “Lovinuu.” It was an emotional inquiry about why love is so tough between him and his lover. The scars don’t go away, and serve as reminders of pain he’s endured.

The beautiful thing about music is even when it’s done, it’s not really done. You can tap back in and redo things as you see fit. This week, the New Yorker decided to drop an EP full of remixes to the track now a year old. One remix in particular features California’s eclectic multi-talent 92 Colby.

This remix is a special treat, packing Tracy’s silky vocals with Colby’s signature funk and bounce. It captured the essence of the feelings Devin conveys but turned the track to one that may hit a little harder in a different environment. I applaud the effort, as he’s ensuring his sound can fit anywhere. Colby adds some brief vocals on the book ends, but it’s all about producing here. He creates an immersive canvas that molds itself to the lyrics extremely well.

All this makes me wonder is what more from these two could sound like. Maybe we won’t have to wait too long, but for now press play on “Lovinuu” and check out the whole EP.

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