Deuce Mayne Shows His Versatility With New Single “Nervous”

Many claim to have lived a hard life, but have they really? It’s been a long road for hip-hop artist Deuce Mayne with many trials and tribulations. Deuce was raised in one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the Mississippi Delta region, in a small town called Shelby. Violence and crime were never far from his doorstep, but his love of hip-hop and rap music kept him grounded and out of the streets. The music inspired him in ways unfamiliar to those around him. It convinced Deuce Mayne there was a better way, and that the world was larger than his block.

Understanding change was necessary, he decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona when he was able. Unbeknownst to him, this move would help take his music career to the next level. Since, he has released numerous singles, with his single “Money” catching the attention of none other than Lil Boosie. Boosie shared the infectious track on social media, giving the young phenom a boost in fame around the valley. Deuce Mayne graduated to notable collaborations and performances with some of the industry’s finest, such as G-Unit platinum selling artist, Young Buck and Southwest legend, Futuristic

However, it wouldn’t be long before tragedy would strike again. Christmas day of 2021, Deuce Mayne would lose his fiancé and mother of his two children to COVID-19. Devastated, yet optimistic, even when faced with loss and adversity, Deuce vowed to keep her name alive. He did not want her to become just another statistic. In an interview with Fox News, he stated his music was a form of therapy. Deuce believes sometimes life will throw many curveballs your way and knock you down, but when you rise, you stand stronger, and it is his resilience which makes his testimony incredibly moving. Deuce’s new single “Nervous” featuring Futuristic shows the growth he’s experienced not only within the music industry, but within life. Press play here at KAZI Magazine to stream this playlist must-have.

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