Dess Dior Strips ‘RAW’ On Recent Releases

“Nann Hoe” Can Compete with the “Rich and Raw”, “Stone Cold” Deliverables of Dess Dior 

While the women continue to carry the torch of their femcee fairy godmothers and dominate mainstream music, this leading lady has her mic wrapped around the industry’s neck! Dropping back to back bangers, Dess Dior delivers to no disappointment! Leading up to the launch of her RAW EP, Dior dropped off sizzling singles like “IT Bitch Freestyle” and “Rich and Raw”, setting the tone for what’s to expect on the exciting EP. 

With a sneak peak into her project, we knew we were in for some heat just in time for the warm weather to wrap up. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to deny Dior’s talent as she’s making a statement with these fresh new finds. Recently releasing her RAW EP, the feature-free project is laced with 8 raved records that showcase her talents in the spotlight. 

Dess Dior Delivers

High on the hype and on the heels of her well received EP, Dior drops again! In celebration, on October 11th, she unveiled the official music video for trendy track “Nann H*e”! Her hot new single samples Trina’s 1998 classic, “Nann” so in support she links the “I Am Hip Hop” winner, Trina for a cameo! The Terrius Mykel-directed clip captures the RAW rhymer vibing with her friends at a booming block party. Her and the girls get right as they dance on cars and turn up ‘til the sun comes up! Don’t believe me? See for yourself and press play on the vibrant visuals below for the lead single to RAW

Moreso, Dess Dior stepped on the music scene back in 2020. During the pandemic, the year and fans saw her unleash a slew of singles to get us through the lockdown. That year she released “Rich B**ch” and “No Hook,” as well as her debut EP. As a result of the pandemic, it allowed her the space and time to sit in Atlanta to focus on her artistry, in which she curated her debut EP, Definition of Dess. This release really revealed the raw, relatable, and effortlessly cool girl next door vibes that Dess embodies. This enabled the emerging emcee to really leave her mark in music. Garnering great feedback, she also made a few strong guest appearances on tracks like “Cap Ain’t Nothing” by Karlae and “Gold Digger” by Kidd Kenn. 

Nothing Basic About Going Back To The Basics With Dess Dior

Bringing it back to the basics, this Missouri-made musician took her talents down south to Savannah at a young age. Around the age of twelve, her and her childhood bestie Jayda formed a girl group. Her hobby quickly turned to pursuing her passion professionally after her father encouraged her to take her craft more seriously. In doing so, she released her breakout banger “No Hook” which serves fiery confidence as she depicts a braggadocious boss ready to be respected. Since its release, the song has amassed almost 1M streams and counting. On YouTube, both “Don’t Play” and “Rich B*tch” have also received over 800,000 views and the numbers are rapidly running up! 

Rap’s IT-Rhymer

In addition to her amazing audio, her memorable music videos encapsulate the entire Dess Dior package. Perfectly pairing her powerful messages with her charismatic cadence and live-by lyricism. Dess Dior displays the endless possibilities for a raw, yet relatable storyteller who’s not afraid to share all sides of Destiny. She’s bringing lavishness back in a way that rap hasn’t seen from a newcomer before.

Staying “Stone Cold”, Dess Dior delivers her latest offering tapping Mariah The Scientist. Bringing bold and braggadocious the new record reveals nonchalant yet confident lyricism offset by a rhythmic, soulful production that’ll seep into your soul. Atlanta-bred artist Mariah the Scientist adds a sensual vocal that’ll serenade listeners with a sense of swag to the already silky smooth single.

“Stone Cold” With Mariah The Scientist

Furthermore, the glittery, glossy synth foundation of “Stone Cold” is pursued by powerful percussion and participating vocal performances. Dess balanced the blend of confidence and charisma beautifully throughout the track. Dior calls out past partners who claim to miss her but make no effort to see her. She also pushes the point of progression and moving on by letting go of the past and having fun while healing. Listen to the latest offering off of the raved about mixtape to see what the hype is all about! 

Additionally, a famed fan of the fashion world, Dess Dior stepped into the spotlight to strut in her first ever New York Fashion Week this year. From shutting down stages to slaying the runways, Dess Dior has her stilettos stuck on our necks! 

The Impact…

Booked and busy, this boss babe can also be seen on your big screen as she is currently starring on BET+ hit show “The Impact: ATL”. The series sees Dess showcasing her talents alongside Jayda Cheaves, Ari Fletcher, Dionte “Arrogant Tae” Gray, and Lakeyah. Featuring the lives of these trailblazing influencers, industry moguls, entrepreneurs, artists and more. 

Overall, the Georgia rhymer has had an array of accomplishments throughout 2022! From rocking the Rolling Loud stages in Miami and Toronto to releasing an incredible new EP, followed by fire features — Dess Dior is quickly striving for her stardom and this is a shooting star you won’t want to miss! For now, get familiar with this flaming femcee here at KAZI Magazine. We had the dopest pleasure to chop it up with rap’s IT-Girl to talk her artistry, women in hip hop, her to die for drops and more. Check it out below! 

Dess Dior Drops By KAZI To Talk Music and More with Minnee 

  • Hey Dess! Happy Friday! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chop it up with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! First and foremost congratulations on the drop of your RAW EP! I love it! Before we get deep into our conversation, let’s bring it back to the beginning. Who is Dess Dior and how did it all begin for you? 

Dess Dior is a hustler. She’s a girl who’s authentic to herself. Everything about her is RAW. Yeah, that’s me. Pretty much a boss self made.

  • Next, what’s your creative process like? Do you put pen to paper or just punch in and out? 

Sometimes it just really depends on my vibe, but to start I go into studio I listen to beats. I love when the beat speaks to me. Like I feel like the beat just already tells me what to say. I’ll hear the beat and be like okay, I’m gonna talk about love or I’m gonna talk about like f*ck these n—–. Yeah, like that’s my first started of the process. I’ll just go in and pick a beat. Also, sometimes I might go in and do so if the beat is really making me feel like that. I’ll go in and I’ll punch in. Or I might sit there and brainstorm and write down a few lines but, overall I like to punch.

  • Who or what would you credit your musical sound and style to? 

Honestly, I would credit it all to myself because I stand out and work so hard. I’m not like anybody else. So I just gotta give all the credits to myself.

  • For new fans, if you could choose, which record that’s already released would you have listeners listen to to have the best understanding of who Dess Dior is? 

I would have them listen to “IT Bitch Freestyle”. The start of the project is just self explanatory. It gets straight to the point.

  • Kicking your career off on YouTube, when was the moment that you knew you had your break into the industry? 

Oh, I feel like I had my break when I dropped “Rich B*tch” . I feel like that kind of stamped me. I mean, I had my EP, and you know, was gaining listeners and everybody was paying attention. But then there was also “Talk To Me, which was very impactful in my career as well. And following up after that, with “Rich B*tch” I feel like it just like it started the movement.

A movement of women just empowering themselves. Giving rich energy, you know, because it’s like, when I say “rich b*tch”, I don’t mean material, I mean it’s a mindset to me, you know, it’s how you care for yourself and how you carry yourself. Just rich b*tch energy.

  • How hard would you say it is being a female in this industry? & do you have any advice for other women coming up?

I will say it is very hard being a female in this industry. Because it’s very judgmental within this industry. They want to put other women against each other for one. Two, they judge us harshly, they talk about our bodies. They want us to do what they want, they criticize us more than they would criticize a male rapper.

Guys could get on a song and talk about the same thing over and over again. And he’s worship but then a girl talking about the same thing over and over again then she’s degrading. So it’s just kind of confusing, but I feel like women are really breaking through industry. So my advice would be just to stay focused. Don’t get distracted, believe in yourself. And overall, believe in yourself and stay focused and stay down. Don’t get caught up on somebody else’s success and stay true to yourself. Focus on your own path and stay in your own lane.

  • Agreed! With that being said, what are your feelings on the current state of women in hip-hop?

I feel like we really did make a comeback and there’s enough room for everybody to eat. So I’m loving it right now it’s a lot of women out here winning. There’s a lot of women who dropped today as well, like we’re doing the damn thing PERIOD! ALL OF US! We all went in!

  • As an industry newcomer, you’ve already left your mark. Beautiful and bold you stepped on the scene as a BOSS BABE! Between your music and establishing your own entertainment company, Show LUV Entertainment, LLC you’ve been booming! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind Show Luv Entertainment and the inspiration behind building up your own brand? 

Okay, so Show Luv Entertainment came about from me and my dad because my dad always talked about how he pushed me to really start making music. So when I was first releasing my music, and we were learning about the process of releasing, he was like, “we got to release under something”, it’s best we just do it ourselves. You know, there’s no better way to do it than to do it yourself. So we started to Show Luv Entertainment. And from there that’s when I really grew. I released my first couple of songs and my EP under Show Luv Ent. Then I started Big Dess Entertainment, which is my own entity with just me, myself, and I. It’s just been a long time coming coming overall with my career. I started in my apartment just brainstorming in my little studio. My dad built me like a little studio in my house so I just really started from the ground up with it.


  • Ok, let’s jump into your hot new RAW EP. What was your inspiration and how long did it take to create from start to finish? 

I feel like I had so many starts and finishes with this project. It was suppose to release earlier this year. I had a whole different angle honestly. And I feel like I called it off a whole bunch of times because it wasn’t connecting with me. Like all of my music that I was making, I was ready and about to release but then I just “x”ed out my whole project. So I started all over. This EP brought me to just putting it all on the table. Everything authentic. It’s true to me. Unapologetically me. Yeah, that’s where it all came about and what the project is all about. I got vulnerable. It’s about me tapping into more of my artistry.

  • Off the 8-track project, I have a couple fan favorites such as: “It Bitch Freestyle”, “Can’t Blame You” & “Rich and Raw”. I know this may be tricky, but which track(s) would you say are personal favorites from the EP and why? 

Soooo many favorites! I love all of them! Literally, I was just about to say that “Can’t Blame You” was my favorite but, I think “Paris” may be my favorite. That’s because it was my first time recording in Paris. I actually recorded that record in Paris. It was my first time there and it was my birthday. The vibes was just immaculate! The vibe was through the roof! I had so much going on last year, it was a rough year for me. So on my birthday I really celebrated hard but I wanted to make sure that I worked and that I played. So me going to the studio there was just a vibe. So that single may have to be my favorite just because of all that. During the whole song I was just talking about everything I did in Paris so it was just raw!

  • Earlier in the week, you dropped off a visualizer for trendy track “It Bitch Freestyle”. While rocking the mic in the studio, we catch a cameo of Saucy Santana and the visual gave everything needed to be given. With that being said, can we expect any additional videos to accompany the sizzling singles off of RAW

Yes, we’re gonna follow up with “Nann H*e”, which is the lead single. We also have a special guest. I’m so excited about it, but can’t talk too much about it but we’re gonna follow up with “Nann H*e”.

What’s Next?

  • Throughout your career, you’ve created some classic collaborations. With that being said, is there anyone on your collaboration wishlist?

I would love to work with Jhene. She’s my favorite. I would love to work with Jhene! I feel like our sounds would sound really good together. As one of my favorite artist, she’s my go-to. I can fall asleep listening to Jhene.

  • Also, many may not know but you’re a fashion fanatic. You recently shut down NYFW 2022, what was it like walking in your first show and checking out all of the shows and designers? 

It was exciting. I had literally just tweeted that I really want to tap into fashion. So for that to happen. I was just really, really happy and thankful. Seeing the designers and photographers and to go to my first fashion week itself and to walk like that was just raw! I closed the show. So it was a lot a lot to take care of, but I enjoyed it so much.

  • What’s next for Dess Dior? 

With what’s next, we’re gonna draw up a deluxe! We got a deluxe cover, but can’t tell y’all the name yet, but I really want to tap in and like collab with other artists because this project was just me. So next features to connect with some more female artists and male artists. Y’all can expect way more music for me. All different industries. I’m trying to really tap into the fashion industry. We got a reality show coming. So stay tuned!

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Yes, I just want to thank everybody for really supporting me. It means so much to me for people to take the time out to listen to my music, comment on my pictures, just showing mad Love. I really appreciate it. It inspires me and keeps me going and honestly I could not do it without yall.


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