Desarae Dee Deep Dives Into 2023

Some people have no choice but to succeed.  

Desarae Dee is an instrumental artist, pianist/keyboardist, producer, content creator, and educator from Toronto, CA. A classically trained musician, Desarae holds a Bachelor of Music degree from York University. In 2014 she released “I’ll Worship You”, which she realized was her true calling for instrumental music. After several years of perfecting her skills in the studio and live setting, Desarae has honed in on her signature style – a mix of neo-soul, jazz, gospel, and R&B. Since then, Desarae has continued to release new music and videos, as well as provide educational resources for other aspiring musicians. The piano has always been Desarae’s first love, but she is also an accomplished vocalist and songwriter.  

Desarae Dee delivers music that moves the masses

The emotive qualities and skillful composition of Desarae’s music distinguish her work. She frequently draws on her life experiences for inspiration, resulting in personal and meaningful songs. Desarae Dee’s goal is to create music that resonates deeply with listeners and inspires them on their journey of self-discovery. Desarae Dee constantly strives to create new and innovative content that will inspire and uplift others in their daily lives. Her music and storytelling, as well as her blog and social media channels, are all avenues through which Desarae Dee connects with her fans and shares her love of music with the world. 

Desarae Dee is a TikTok phenomenon. Her visual genius and innovative mindset enable Desarae to engineer ultra-dynamic and captivating TikTok videos. Desarae’s TikTok profile has generated more than 500,000 views and 72,000 likes within the past year. Desarae Dee is a global brand with a multi-diverse fanbase. RADIOPUSHERS appointed her as their Senior Digital Engagement Manager. As part of its collaboration with Desarae, RADIOPUSHERS commissioned her to curate a Spotify playlist featuring Canadian artists who produce premium indie music.  Get familiar with this multifaceted musician here at KAZI Magazine



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