Deorsey Ardae Is Gearing Up For More Drops

Deorsey Ardae is an upcoming artist has had big dreams from an early age. “I always liked to entertain when I was young.” “I had a big outgoing personality growing up.” When his family had a company that came over, they gave him $10 for his performances.

In 2008, his brother asked him to join his rap group. Deorsey Ardae wrote his first rap, and it was pretty good. However, he had no aspirations to be a famous rap artist. His brother would tell him all the time he could be one of the greatest rappers if he ever decided to take it seriously. 

Deorsey Ardae responded, “My mom and dad are my motivation when asked who his biggest motivation is. I have a great relationship with them both. I talk to them every day. They motivate me to push myself beyond what I think my capabilities are.”

Deorsey Ardae started falling in love with making music the more he got into the studio. He always believed in himself, knowing he could do anything he put his mind to and succeed at it. He now owns a record label called Takes Time Entertainment (TTE). 

One of his most significant accomplishments in his career is having one of his songs called Big Star off his Debut Album- Takes Time was selected to be on the NBA2K21 Next-Generation Video Game, NBA2K21 Spotify Playlist, and Apple Music NBA2K21 Playlist. Deorsey Ardae has recently released two songs off his upcoming 2nd Album, Take Time 2- The Big Ardaega. You can check out his music on all streaming services!

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