“Demons” is Tommy Boi Wanye And Hot Boii’s Finest

“Demons” from Tommy Boi Wayne features rising star from Florida Hot Boii. After finding a passion for music in 2020. He then released his first mixtape titled “Left Alone” featuring Quando Rondo and Hot Boii. Tommy Boi will be releasing his second mixtape named “MVP” in February 2021.

Since the release of his latest single called “Demons,” he has been gaining local traction in the Tampa Bay market and is looking forward to major growth for 2021. The single is a play on words as he continues to rebounds from his tough past.

Both the Bois combine energy to create a hyped but emotional track. Overcoming “Demons” is task every person deals with in life and the two do it well. Gritty lyracism blends well with southern production to create through music.

Hailing from Mobile, AL, Joshua Puckelwartz, known in the hip-hop lane as Tommy Boi Wayne, had to grow up very fast. The places he called home consistently moved throughout his entire childhood and trouble always seemed to find him.

After being kicked out of 7 schools, his first arrest at 11, the person he called father at the time being murdered at age 4 and losing his best friend to a car wreck at 16 years old, Tommy Boi Wayne is determined to succeed in life.

His tribulations are portrayed on the track “Demons” featuring Hotboii so check it out here!

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