Demarco, Jamaica’s Entertainment Guru

Demarco is Jamaica’s next superstar and here’s why

Demarco has built a long lasting impact in music outside of his own sound throughout the years. He is a is a dancehall star, producer, video director and all-around Jamaican music legend. Staple singles from him “Fallen Soldiers” and “I Love My Life” are indelibly woven into the fabric of modern Jamaica; while songs like “No Wahala,” featuring Akon and Runtown, have put him at the forefront of the burgeoning fusion between reggae and afro-beats.

Behind the scenes, he’s produced modern dancehall’s definitive riddims “Missio” and “Shoot Out,” as well as crossover smashes like Charly Black “Gyal You A Party Animal.” Demarco has also written songs for artists ranging from Bounty Killer to Rihanna. More than a decade deep into a career that’s taken him from Jamaica to the States and back again, Demarco is finally set to release his debut album; ‘Melody,’ this year via Oakland’s Ineffable Records.

The modest revolutionary

To put it simply, he is a revolutionary entertainer from the islands who needs more attention. We caught up to him recently and I must say he has a one of a kind personality. When we started the first words, “give me a minute brother, ‘m buying a new car.” My jaw instantly dropped because I was thinking “never have I ever interviewed somebody in the middle of buying a car worth more than my life!”

However that was my reality and I’m glad to see a musical artist so jovial, so care free. From then on I probably experienced the happiest interview of my life. Quite literally, speaking about ‘Melody,’ and his creative future put a smile on my face. Demarco doesn’t make music for profit but more for the joy and love of it. The spoils of a long lasting career are taken shape not but he has his eyes on bigger things!

I can’t wait to be more public with my talents. This is art for me. I want to be able to relate to different types of people worldwide with my gifts. Especially my directorial gifts, I want team up with geniuses like Jim Carey and make magic.


His ambitions are high and reasonably so. With a track record like his, who can doubt him? Add in his modesty and you got a all around winner. Need proof of his humility? Fun fact, his upcoming album name is based off his daughter real life name Melody. He’s a family man along with a creative so his drive also leads him to provide for the ones he loves.

Demarco is mindful of the impact his creations have and wants fans to know that he always keeps their best interests at heart. His biggest riches are not his possessions or accomplishments but his golden soul. He continues to win because his mind and heart are in all the right places. The world is Demarco’s canvas and he paints pictures of victories daily.

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