DDaGod Shares New Visual For Trendy Track “Let’s Get Active”

There’s a lot of different factors that can make you love an artist and the music that they create. Sometimes it’s the voice. It can be the bars or sometimes it’s just the raw passion for the words that are coming out of their mouth. Born in Ft. Meyers, Florida and now living in Meridian, Mississippi, artist DDaGod is known for his passion and the energy he puts into his music.  So much so that you can feel it as he speaks, word after word, bar after bar from his single  “Let’s Get Active“. This is one of the hardest records that DDaGod has released. Additionally, the music video matches the energy of the song. “Let’s Get Active” has picked up some steam throughout the South and has DDaGod on major labels radar. 

“I expect to break into the industry weather they want me or not my main goal is to make enough money to move my family and kids out of Meridian, and build stability so my people won’t have it hard like I did.”  – DDAGod

A lot of artists can talk that talk, but DDaGod is different. You know he means business when he spits. You can hear the devotion in his voice. DDaGod continues to show consistency with “Let’s Get Active” we expect him to have a big winter, which will put him in position for a huge 2023.

“I motivate myself cause I know what it’s like to not have nothing and come from the bottom.”  – DDaGod

Lastly, press play on the official video for his hot new hit, “Let’s Get Active” here at KAZI Magazine!



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