Da’Wan is undeniably passionate about music and making it!

“We all know music has the power to change any feeling, make you happy
when you’re sad, or make you laugh when you’re mad,” he said. “I
remember being a soldier—compressed fighting, just taking orders, and
not being able to express my emotions. When I was able to, they were
like an emotional roller coaster. Music helped me with that

As a combat veteran, he used music as a coping mechanism to deal with
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury
(TBI). After a while, he decided to start a career in music to show
people the power of music and how it can connect people.

“My goal is to speak to as many people through music and art as well
as show them that your trauma doesn’t define you. I’ve used my trauma
to inspire others and create a new life which I didn’t think was
possible at first,” he said.

He now plans to release new music each month for 13 months, so it’s
best to stay tuned to see what he has to offer listeners who want to
explore more about themselves or get in touch with their emotions.

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