David Spearman: “My Passion for Music Drove Me to Excel as a Musician” 

Known for his smashing club hits, David Spearman has garnered admiration from fans across the globe. However, despite immense fame and fandom, the singer-songwriter believes in reaching the next level with every new song he produces. “Music is my first love! I have a deep passion for music that motivates me to excel with each song,” says David Spearman. 

David Spearman started learning guitar at a young age. By the time he was a junior sophomore, he already possessed the star power and rocked at the global cultural weeks, club days, and other events. David Spearman shares, “My parents encouraged me to pursue music. It was no less than an inner calling for me, and I’m glad that my folks understood that and supported me in every possible way.” 

David Spearman gained more traction during his college and moved to NYC to produce music full-time. “Life in NYC was full of challenges,” he shares; “however, music was my refuge, and it drove me to excel as a musician.” The struggles paid off for David Spearman when he started getting offers for collaborations from some of the most high-profile music producers, and the rest is history. 

David Spearman’s latest single has topped the music charts for several weeks. The passionate musician is prepping for his first world tour this summer. The crew will comprise several other notable musicians, hip-hop artists, and singers. “I’m looking forward to meeting and enthralling my fans. They’ve given me so much love and support that I have no words to describe my gratitude for them,” says David Spearman. The tour will showcase live performances from the singer and other musicians in the entourage. 

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