David Biga Emerges With Announcement Of Long-Awaited Album, Lemonade Stand

When uncovering unheard creatives, the resources needed to attempt to understand the story behind discographies has limitations. Due to the challenge, the focus on appearing well-known has left up-and-coming artists buying fake followers and streams to grab attention of major labels, taking focus away from the wisdom albums intend to provide listeners. The longevity of rap depends on the ability for it to bring unique value to people and in turn, the ability for the creatives to bring unique value to rap.

From what we can find, David Biga (@DavidBiga) began his career in 2011 and strategically maneuvered Dayton’s Hip-Hop scene. Songs released during his early years mention struggles with family, poverty, tragic loss, and big dreams. In 2015, Biga went from living in his car in Ohio and moved to Chicago, Illinois. A 2017 album entitled, Dream Biga, later would highlight the move.

However, it was Biga’s 2019 project, Post Traumatic Growth, that prompted the closer look into his story. Presented alongside research and data on Novelist Music Group’s website, the album tells the story of an individual suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who, through creative self-reflection, discovers the hidden possibility of growth through trauma. It is also worth mentioning, the project features Cleveland, Ohio’s, Chip the Ripper. In collaboration with Yalee, David Biga followed up the album in 2020 with the single entitled, Like I Know.

Biga has not yet confirmed a date or the meaning behind the project. His latest single Silent Sounds and Instagram profile (@DavidBiga)revealed the upcoming project. Our understanding suggests that Lemonade Stand will most likely be another elaborate story designed to provide applicable insight to a variety of listeners, all while remaining true to himself.

(Images obtained from www.NovelistMusicGroup.com and AllMusic)

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