DANTZ New Single “Good Good”

Creating a name for himself in Japan, DANTZ is a flourishing artist looking to impact both the Japanese and US music industries. Coming from Japan, DANTZ offers a unique sound unlike any artist currently in the US. His novelty and creative music are jam-packed with vibes and are something that everyone can enjoy listening to. He recently dropped a new single, “Good Good,” and it is flying up the charts.  

Good Good” captures your attention from the very beginning. The beat pulls you in, followed by the harmonious vocals of DANTZ, Ray Kirk, and BELLE. As the three speak on how they are when they are feeling someone and how their past experiences have made them cautious, they develop a connection with their listeners who have gone through a similar experience.

Good Good” puts all three artists’ talents on display and will be a hit for a long time. DANTZ has set the bar high for himself but has every intention of surpassing any expectations that are in front of him. Look for DANTZ to continue to grow into his role as an artist and for him to have a big impact on the industry as a whole.

Stream DANTZ’s “Good Good” on Spotify here.Follow DANTZ on Instagram here.

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