There are so many guides, books, materials, and resources available in the market to help people and guide them towards success. However, let’s just accept that nothing can beat the true advice given by a true success story himself. The tech and music industry has been on the rise for so many years, thanks to the dependence of music lovers on many downloading and streaming music apps. ‘My Mixtapez’ is one amongst these and still stands apart from others for many reasons. The major credit for the same goes to the brains behind this exclusive hip-hop music app, Danny Duenas, along with his brothers Ricky and Juan Duenas. Danny Duenas says that they achieved massive success in the industry for the hip hop love they carried in their heart and also for their aim to create something unique that could help people enjoy the best of the hip hop music and beats, which they cannot find on any other platform.

Today, My Mixtapez’s success can be proved by the colossal numbers of active users it has gained, which is more than 5.7 million. It has specialized in releasing hip-hop songs and mixtapes that are not major albums and EPs. There have been many talents in the hip-hop music industry and very few have got the platform to showcase the same; realizing this, Danny Duenas wanted to create My Mixtapez so that he could provide great opportunities to all these unheard voices, excelling in B-sides and mixtapes.

Below, Danny Duenas lays out a few general tips that he believes can help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success across industries.

  • Feel passionate: Danny Duenas says that nothing in this world can ever be achieved if a person doesn’t do it with passion. It is essential for people to fall in love with what they do, just like he fell in love with hip hop, which took him and his app to such tremendous levels of success.
  • Be committed: There might be innumerable hurdles along the path; however, if a person is truly committed to his aim, nothing can stop him from achieving what he wants, explains Danny Duenas.
  • Stay relevant: It is important to walk hand-in-hand with the changing trends of the industry and the world. Staying relevant helps entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas and make a significant impact on people with their products/services. Danny and his team also excelled because they kept innovating and also jumped into providing daily music news, which earned them more recognition.

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