Daniel Payne Tags Top Acts On ‘Five Points’ LP

Daniel Payne, a rapper from Five Points West in Birmingham, Alabama, released a hot, new project with some of vintage Hip Hop’s best rappers. The new project, called Five Points consists of six tracks with high-profile features from Freddie Gibbs, Big K.R.I.T, and G Precio. Payne sets the tone for how he’s coming this year, and he’s an artist to definitely be on the lookout for.

Daniel Payne delivers a vintage southern hood classic with Five Points as he delivers straight vibes throughout the entire project. Each track has something special to offer, including telling a hood narrative on “Let Me Ride” with Freddie Gibbs, spitting bars on “Royalty” featuring Big K.R.I.T, picking up momentum on “Benz” featuring G Perico, and delivering a unique cadence on his most mesmerizing track on the project, “Bond.” 

Five Points is a diverse project that puts Daniel Payne in a lane of his own

His sound can also be described as smooth and classic. Moreover, his lyricism, bars, and overall delivery are sure to impress. Throughout the project, audiences can hear the way Payne mixes and blends different sounds. Furthermore, trap and soul music, samples, raw raps, singing, harmonies, and insane lyricism are heard throughout. Payne’s lyrical capability is showcased throughout the entire project. You hear it most in his finale track “Let Me Ride,” featuring Freddie Gibbs. The song has a specific type of soul and spirit to it, mixing with the hood life/mentality of both Payne and Gibbs. On the track, both artists deliver a deep and introspective look into their life and community. 

“I always wanted to make sure I left my mark on the world,” Daniel Payne said in a recent interview. “Art never dies and I want my art to stay implanted in life’s timeline. People can always find information and culture from music and I wanted to be a part of that. Also, it can be a good stream of income.”

Daniel Payne seeps nostalgia. The flows, beats, and subject matters of his project resemble a traditional vintage Southern trap sound.

“I like to keep the trap sound. Then blend it with soul music, samples, raw raps and lyricism, singing, harmonies,” Payne explained. “Overall, it’s laid-back, chill southern player music. It’s also honest and introspective from a lyrical standpoint.”

– Daniel Payne

Payne’s album is a must-listen as it dives into his life, giving an introspective look into a Southern playa. Daniel and DJ Burn One did something special with Five Points, as it encompasses that Southern hood lifestyle that is equivalent nationwide. 

Be sure to tap in with Daniel Payne via social media @iamdanielpayne on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Daniel will release another project, Playas Only, very soon, so be on the lookout for that Via his social media. 

Check out Daniel Payne’s latest album, Five Points, below. 

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