Daniel Lin Is The Industry’s Latest Rising Producer

Rising out of the West Coast is a promising producer, Daniel Lin. At the young age of 18, Daniel began working towards his passion within the industry. His music career kicked off while attending the University of California when he would spin records as a DJ for college parties. 

During his college experience, he would organize the parties and set up the performance line ups including shows featuring top artists such as The Chainsmokers, Alan Walker, and Gryffin. Since, Lin has held a variety of roles within the industry including learning the ins and outs of the business along the way.

Daniel Lin, the DJ turned Renowned Producer 

With an unmatched hustle and staying consistent, Lin has honed his craft and established himself. In fact, he’s started from the ground up. He’s worked in a number of positions such as event ticketing and event promoter for the world’s largest festivals hosted by Insomniac Events.

His industry experience and natural talent enabled him to launch Enforce Records, LLC in 2019 at the age of 23. Under the new record label, they have artists on their roster from over 20 countries around the world. Including over 400 singers, songwriters, and producers, in just two years since launching the label.

Enforce Records’ roster includes Jaxx & Vega, Arc North, Dirty Palm, Anikdote, EQRIC, Distrion, and hundreds of other talented artists from around the world.

The Enforce Records Effect 

When it comes to Enforce Records, Daniel has some solid goals and a clear vision for where he believes the label will go. He goes on to say: 

Our next step is to create mainstream dance music that hits the charts worldwide. We have the next 100,000+ songs all planned out.”

As a result, Enforce Records has already surpassed 200 million audio streams in its short two-year history. In addition with millions more to come in the coming years. Daniel’s ambition for the future is to create dance music that touches the hearts and souls of fans all over the world. He aspires to create dance music that will last forever and be played at festivals all around the world.

According to Daniel, Spotify has created a platform that has completely changed the way independent labels can market their music globally through social media.

To date, on a daily basis, Enforce Records receives calls from fans. Expressing how important music is in their lives and how it helps them cope with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Recently, Lin co-wrote a chill house song with Ducka Shan titled “Touching Me”. Since its release, the trendy track has already received over 200,000 YouTube views. There’s no doubt that Daniel Lin and Enforce Records will continue to benefit from modern music industry developments. Lastly stay locked here at KAZI Magazine to keep up with Lin and learn more about his latest projects! For now, press play on “Touching Me” below.

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