Damnsonic & JuS CODE Drop “No Sleep”

Damnsonic is a Fairfield, CT-bred producer who has been doing his thing for 2 years. At the age of 20, he has already cemented himself in the tri-state region. His newest visualizer for “No Sleep” is a smooth new single featuring fellow CT artists JuS CODE. Coming off a great year from JuS, “No Sleep” is further proof that he is not slowing down.

 Damnsonic has always had an excellent ear for different genres of music. Like most kids, he started using programs like Garage Band until he eventually made his way to Fruity Loops. His producer name comes from his fire “Damn Sonic You Crazy” tag that stamps the beginning of all his beats. JuS CODE & Damnsonic first worked together on a single for another artist. From there, Damnsonic shot JuS CODE some beats, and now we have “No Sleep.” This single will be the first one of his first producer album, ‘The World Is Yours.’ As a producer, putting together your project takes skill. Damnsonic is looking to become the next Mustard or Khaled of his generation. Luckily, he’s off to a dope start!

Take a peep at the visualizer to the melancholy banger “No Sleep” today!

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