Damarray D Great, is taking music by storm

Business Mogul and Rapper, Damarray D Great, is taking the music and clothing world by storm. Born and raised in southeast San Diego, the self-made artist is no stranger to hard work and overcoming self-appointed limitations. Demarray recognized early he was his own worst critic and was holding himself back. Quickly adjusting his beliefs, he charted a course for success as a homeless teenager with his now successful clothing brand—Banechi. Banechi means being happy no matter what and pushing forward even when motivation is low. This is something the Cali artist has perpetually done throughout the hardships of his life and is an unmistakably inspirational quality that beams from Demarray. 

Inspired by artists such as E-40 and Tupac, Demarray D Great started releasing singles with steamy videos and well-produced tracks. He is creating a name and brand for himself to tour worldwide and become an icon. Demarray is an advocate and example for independent artists to remain in control of their catalog and approach music as the business it is. The San Diego artist will be one to watch as he works his way to mogul status. Expect new singles dropping soon and if you’re lucky, you can snag a custom piece from one of his Banechi collections. 

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