CZAR Josh is Indeed Blackity Black

Culture Villains rapper, CZAR Josh, captures much of the city of Philadelphia in his new music video, “Mansa Musa” featuring Rockstar JT and directed by Johnny Clay. The two took the opportunity to turn the city upside down in what feels like a Pro-Black theme song.

CZAR Josh was raised in Atlanta, GA which is one of the most historically Black cities in America. With the context of his upbringing, the rapper proudly exhibits a big part of his core. “Philadelphia is rich in Black history and I wanted to showcase that in this video,” he said. “I hope people catch the gems in the video and it causes them to research more about Philly’s Black history.”

Josh always finds ways to share his faith. In the first verse he says, “Never bow down to like no one but God, blacker than black, I put that on the squad.”

The entire concept of the song is incapsulated in JT’s empowering hook. Being Black, shining bright, and being proud of that is what “Mansa Musa” is all about. The title is also a historical reference. Mansa Musa from the 1300s was an African king who, for many, represents Black excellence. Click above to watch the video!

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