Crypto Killa’s Mission Is To Help Liberate People

Trader Garrison Daceus is also known as “Crypto Killa” is currently an American Six Figure Day Trader living in Tampa, United States with his family. He has grown his Crypto Chats to over 250 members in a few months and helped several people see their first $100-$1,000 day with his TNT Strategy in the markets, He also mentions avoiding losses he has made in the past and has made a winning community.

Crypto Killa is a six-figure day trader that started off watching countless YouTube videos and built a chat up from the ground up of up to 250+ members and you guys can find him on Instagram @cryptokilla_

Crypto Killa plans on helping more people with financial freedom and educating them more on the crypto markets by starting an academy & empowering people instead of taking signals where they take trades where they can make their own calls and be profitable with their own knowledge and skillset. 

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