“Crown” EROCKFOR the Rising ‘Phoenix’

Canadian Cameroonian, singer-songwriter, actress, burlesque performer, and poet EROCKFOR is back! Of course, with her final drop off before the reveal with her single, “Crown” Also, the release of her debut album PHOENIX is quickly approaching on October 29th. 

The multifaceted artist is excited to share the last of five installments with her single “Crown” before the big release. Since May of 2021, she has dropped off a single every month leading up to the release of her debut album.

The Calm Before The Storm … 

Her latest offering comes produced by LA-Based electronic musician, Blaire Michael. The trendy new track “Crown” represents the seventh and final chakra ‘Sahasrara’. It follows Erockfor’s two previous singles “Sacral” and “Heart” which were named after the second and fourth chakra. As a result, each song signifies different elements of her healing and rebirth journey so far. The epitome of a phoenix. 

Erockfor has created a thrilling and free-flowing masterpiece with beautiful indie and pop sensibilities. All tied together by her stunning vocal performance, compelling poetry, lush percussion patterns, and mystical guitar arrangements.

Crown the Inspiration 

When reflecting on the inspiration behind her final installment before the huge reveal, she goes on to say: 

“The song is about recognizing my true essence and my connection to the divine. I am at my happiest when I prioritize my spirituality. Sometimes, I fall off course, but when I walk that path of seeing myself as part of something greater, that’s when magic happens. This whole album is a co-creation with the universe and my ancestors. I wrote ‘Crown’ at a time when I was building my spiritual toolbox and rediscovering the power and importance of community. ‘Crown’ is a time capsule of that period of my life”.

When the Phoenix Rises … 

Erockfor returned to her hometown of Montreal after spending six years in Seoul. Where she worked on her upcoming debut album Phoenix. The highly anticipated forthcoming project chronicles her journey of abuse and an adulterous marriage over a genre-bending fusion of sonic beds. Which drove her to flee to Korea to where she is now. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for the release of PHOENIX.


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