Crook Brown Drops ‘Inspired By True Events’

Crook Brown (@CrookBrown) is looking to start his career on a strong note. The fire-new street lyricist from the same area as 2 Chainz in Georgia. Since he was young, he has been listening to southern legends like Andre 3000, Jeezy, and T.I. Now he is doing all he can to become a legend in his own right. His new mixtape, ‘Inspired By True Events,’ is sure to prove to his fans why he is on the rise. After seeing solid looks from Spotify’s editorial playlist, he is ready to show the rest of his hand. While Brown comes into his own on this mixtape, it also showcases the versatility of the rugged rapper’s style. His many influences show throughout the whole project.

‘Inspired By True Events’ is proof that Crook Brown will not be marginalized by anyone.

His undeniable street-rap roots take over the project, but the method in which he conveys his message varies song-to-song. Music is a passion for a lot of people. For Crook, it seems to be what keeps him going. His life story is all through his raps. This tape is the perfect introduction to the College Park, GA rapper. He wants it all. It is no surprise that he has the same manager as industry fast-riser Brent Faiyaz. His new tape is full of heat.

Take a listen below!

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