Crack White Comes In Destined To Be The Best!

Allow for us to introduce to you Illinois’ finest, Crack White! The Chicago-bred creative is no stranger to the chaos of the Chi-town street life. In fact, its influence caught him at the age of 12 as he caught a charge for selling drugs. His entire life changed shortly after being placed on probation for his case when his stepfather was shot approximately eight times. With that being said, Crack White rhymes about reality rather than fallacies. Remaining humble, Crack White’s homies predicted his success after naming him after the eponymous drug. In fact, the rising rhymer speaks on its origin.

The Rapid Rise Of Crack White

With the way my songs were taking off, people would say that’s Crack, like my music was ‘Crack.’ [And] because white is my favorite color, everyone has renamed Cocaine Crack. Crack White“.

Crack White, who had been using music as an outlet since he could speak, was aware that his relationship with music was unique. Though he began seriously studying music at the age of 18, he recorded his first record at the age of ten. In doing so, he looks back reflecting on the impact music has had on his life. Crack White, determined to be the best, constantly experimenting with his craft. He focuses on different ways to stand out on a song to ensure that he’s the best in the room.

Gearing up for the raved released of his forthcoming album, Crack White is determined to keep the drops coming as we anxiously await the album’s arrival. Each and every release will keep fans guessing as to what is to be expected on the project. Although no album title has been confirmed, he suggests that it could be called One of One. Overall, his long-term goals include getting into television, water, clothing, and real estate. Instead, he intends to use his brand to create jobs for his people and build an empire. When asked if he had any words of advice for readers, he goes on to say:

“Never give up on your dreams. Always go after your dreams. Never allow anyone to tell you what you can and cannot do.”

Fro now, get familiar with this booming breakout star here at KAZI Magazine! Be sure to press play on his trendy track, “I Hate It Here”. Lastly, let us know what you think!



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