Cordae Is On A Hi Level With New Single “Super”

Cordae is one of the most vital lyrical talents in his class. The level is high or (Hi) if you ask the great rapper from the DMV. This isn’t just an ordinary single; it represents the birth of a new era for Cordae. Since the highly acclaimed album The Lost Boy was released in 2019, the rapper’s trajectory has changed. Cordae is an artist that people should be paying attention to.

There are a lot of topics that Cordae Cleared up in this song. As many may know, Cordae was a prominent member of the YBN collective. There’s a line in the music that states, “Asking why I dropped the YBN I had no other choices, we ain’t own that shit.” There are speculations about Cordae and other rappers about what happened. And Cordae clears it up with the single “Super.”

The Video Creativity From Cordae Is Insane!

Arrad is the director for the music video “Super”; Arrad has created visuals with artist like Roddy Ricch, Polo G, and even Chris Brown. So from the beginning, I knew that the music video was going to exceed any expectation that I had. The video starts with a wide shot of Cordae’s back, looking down at the city from “a birds-eye view.” From there, the artist takes you on a journey through various settings and crazy edits that will make you want to watch the video again and again. Cordae is a teacher, CEO, and even an actual animated portrait in one video in this one video. From top to bottom, the visual was genuinely astonishing.

The confidence that comes through this record cannot be duplicated. That’s the remarkable thing about him, the lane he is riding is very illuminating, and the reason behind why is because he is riding it alone. The campaign that has run for his new venture Hi Level has been keeping the public and the hip hop universe on their toes. The passion that he put into Hi Level and this single is very definitely crystal clear.

You can watch the “Super” music video by Cordae down below!

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