Colchester Native, Jah Marley Delivers His Wavy New Single

No matter what happens, no matter who says what, I will always have a special place in my heart for island music. Not sure what it is, but something about when those drums and those melodies start to hit, they take me to a tranquil place. So when I heard Jah Marley’s new song, “Fvck My Feelings”, which is rooted in a lot of these qualities, I was immediately sold.

Produced by buzzing beatmakers Nathan Whewell & Ghxst, the track is reliant on production, while also sporting heavily engaging vocals. With Jah sort of playing conductor to the journey the beat is providing, he croons about a time when heartbreak was all that he could process, eventually making it out the other side a better and more efficient man. Utilizing his strong vocals and the aforementioned production, Jah provides a relatable, yet personal experience on the single, making for a strong record.

Check out the song below and get familiar with Jah Marley.

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