CokeCarl Can “Breathe” Fresh Air To Soul

CokeCarl is for justice!

New York crooner CokeCarl in his newly released track “Breathe;” which addresses police brutality and the current social injustice. He seeks answers through music. To put simply, music is a platform for CokeCarl to find out answers to societal issues.

Familiar with his smooth vocals and succulent subject matter, the rising artist capitalizes on the fever-pitch popularity in the release of his new single, creatively-titled, “Breathe.” The many deaths caused by authorities in the United States and other developing countries, CokeCarl uses his platform and talent to spread awareness around these societal issues. 

As a student of the game, CokeCarl has spent several years of his life studying his craft drawing inspirations from acts like Boyz 2 Men, Al Green, and Luther Vandross. Currently, he’s developing a natural connection with R&B with attention-grabbing singles.

Appearances on ThisIsRNB, Hollywood Life & Style, and Tykoon marks the ascending singer towards stardom. With 2020 has being a rocky year for many but to the Luther Vandross inspired artist, it has been magical.

The young singer contuse to push his music to gain a huge audience to make a difference in the world. “Breathe” is available to stream on all platforms, and the official live performance video is on YouTube.  

In 2021 be on the lookout for CokeCarl to bless your streaming platforms in a major way. “Breathe” is only the start!

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