Clintn Lord Spazzes in new ‘Ay Caramba’ Visual

Having fun with your siblings is so special. CLINTN Lord tapped his Roc Nation signee sibling Saint Jhn for his newest video “Ay Caramba.” It’s as energetic as one can get. Whether they’re in the desert doing donuts or in a gas station striking poses, one thing that remains constant is their energy.

There’s a swagger to their chaos. They live life on the edge, exclaiming they need a helicopter or a new Bugatti. When you get the cash for it, of course. They’ve got a crew of people with them who add to the fun, but CLINTN is the focal point throughout most of the visual.

Remarkably, it is a nearly five-minute visual which you may not get today unless it is some elaborate, artistic concept. This is just nearly five minutes of pure fun and madness. Simple often wins when executed properly. The dusty look to the visual conveys a sense of ruggedness that can also be felt in their verses. They are appealing to all the senses with this cut.

The video released just six days ago and has already racked up 75k views. The only video active on CLINTN’s channel, it’s clear he’s got a core that was waiting for this. “Ay Caramba” dropped several months ago, and this ought to give it a boost as we look toward whatever comes next. He’s in good company for sure, but surely he isn’t looking to capitalize off of what his brother has built.

CLINTN is talented on his own and visibly confident in his brand. It’s beautiful when you can come together with a loved one, combine talents, create something great, and have a good time doing it. Ay caramba indeed. Tap in and get crazy. Not too crazy. Eh, what the hell. Live your life.

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