Cleveland Taking Over The Underground Scene


Xuperp pronounced “Super P” has been making music since a young age and has recently been getting the recognition he deserves. He’s known for his energetic crazy performances. Xuperp has been on stage with artists such as D savage, Baby Smoove, and Yvngxchris. His music sheds light to a new wave of fusion rap that allows him to be diverse in his music. His sound can be compared to a mix of chief keef and playboicarti. Most recently he has released a song with tana called “PiNK Uzi !” on January 5th 2023. Xuperp is also part of a large group called “X Gang” known to be some of the most talented underground artists in Cleveland that have created a movement of their own.

Zelly Ocho

Known for his hard work ethic and complex beats, Zelly Ocho is one of the most unique sounding artists coming out of the Cleveland underground scene. In 2021 he released his album “Vlamily” which quickly gained traction. With over fifty-thousand monthly listeners, the song “Deadguy” has over seven-hundred thousand streams. Under the label VLAD, which stands for “Violent Life around Drugs” Zelly has released multiple songs which have caused him to gain a following and even recruit more people to be signed to his label. Zelly’s dark sound with hard hitting vocals are sure to catch any listeners attention.


Freshie, a fan favorite of Cleveland’s underground scene, is sure to blow up in 2023. Collaborations with Trippie Redd, Lil Tracy, Asian Doll, and Doe Boy have allowed Freshie the recognition he deserves. With a sound like no other, his insane vocals and versatility create amazing music. He’s an excellent performer who has been featured on several underground accounts such as moshpit’s daily as well as underground sound. Freshie’s song “Double Back” has over two million streams, followed by “Never Stressin” a close second, with over a million streams. By far he is one of the most successful independent artists with an insane amount of potential. Freshie’s music is a must have on a playlist.

K Suave

Part of Trippie Redd’s 1400 group K Suave is changing Cleveland’s underground one day at a time. With smooth beats combined with relaxing yet upbeat lyrics, Suave’s new sound is catching listener’s attention. He is also known for “slayer academy” that consists of K Suave along with other upcoming underground artists such as eastbaytae. Collaborations with D Savage, Matt Ox, Trippie Redd, and KanKan have shown just how versatile Suave can be working with different artists. With nearly half a million listeners and shows overseas, K suave is taking the world by storm.


Cleveland born Atlanta based rapper DoeBoy is making a name for himself. In 2010 he released a debut mixtape called “since 1994” and has been on the come up ever since. His music resembles sounds similar to Lil Durk and Lil Baby, combined with his own personal touch. He’s worked with other artists such as G Herbo, Roddy Ricch, and Babyface Ray. In 2019 he released “Walk Down” which gained popularity after basketball star LeBron James posted a video rapping the song. DoeBoy is currently signed to EpicRecords and Freebandz. DoeBoy is one of Cleveland’s most successful artists who has a lot in store for his career in the following years.

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