They say there are eight million stories out here in the naked city of New York, here is the story of Citizen Schraider.

At 24, the Brooklyn rapper has been ascending to mainstream notoriety over the last few years with a traditional East Coast style, well-blended with Haitian pride and energy. Earning music recognition in 2018 with a series of viral freestyles. The aspiring act’s popularity originated from the borough’s trendsetting nightlife which Schraider performed regularly at various parties like 2019’s Blackouts.

Crowds were drawn to his magnetic accent, stage presence and witty creativity. He turned the casual on-lookers to grassroots fans. And with people’s attention, Citizen Schraider seized the moment with a couple of one-shot singles, titled, “Sa Bad” and “Lem Avel.” Both showcased an irresistible swagger about Schraider that fans quickly spread the word about on social media and transformed him into a 2020 artist-to-watch.

In 2020, the emerging artist rode a trailblazing year of turning his fantasy into reality with his breakout single, titled, “24 Ba (Freestyle).” In the “24 Ba (Freestyle)” video, a choosing warmer landscapes Schraider takes Miami by storm with an ideal ride or die love interest shotgun and his Schraider Gang following suit. 

Tearing up the pavement in the coldest Lambo, Citizen Schraider is electrifying with his trendy designer fabrics and sniper precise execution on the mic. If this is merely a freestyle, Schraider has definitely convinced fans that his music is something all-star studded. With Melody X Beatz on the beat. Dramafls direct.
The visual makes him a new breakout star on the mainstream atmosphere. While there are a dozen hot new international acts with similar flow, style and subject matter, Citizen Schraider is eager to prove that him and his music is one of a kind. He explains

“There’s many citizens, but only one Schraider. In order to know if you can fly, you have to jump. And I’m gon’ keep jumping plus my new song is coming out soon.”

Schraider’s 2020 music sets up a promising future established with catchy songs, radio-friendly marketability and mainstay prowess. And with a solid foundation, the rising artist prepares an explosive 2021 that will become a “Best New Artist” accolade. It’s only a matter of time before the world finds out.

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24 Ba Freestyle” is streaming everywhere today.

Watch the rising star’s latest visual now.

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