Circle Marsh Goes Coast To Coast With “Shoreline”

“Shoreline” is the latest single unveiled by Los Angeles native Circle Marsh previews his upcoming project Mania. Marsh style of intricate bars that decorates an uptempo beat in his latest single release.

The single showcases Marsh’s bravado as a rising lyricist from the city that formulated some legendary figures in hip hop. In terms of making quality music, Marsh has a smooth way of being lyrical and he take pride in it.

“Hip hop is predicated on the wordplay an artist has,” Marsh said. “He continues with, “while modern production makes it easier to get away with making songs with few words; the best songs still have wordplay in it.

“Being lyrical also doesn’t mean that you’re ‘woke.’ You can make a lyrical track in the style of Tupac classic ‘I get Around.’ I aspire to make punchlines that are appealing to hear while staying online with modern production.”

Laidback but methodical, Circle Marsh plans to take over 2021 as a new artist to look out for.

If Mania, which drops on the 18th, features a similar vibe to “Shoreline” then a great project should be likely. To give Marsh latest single a play, you can download it on all DSPs.

Check out “Shoreline” here

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